Necessary Expenses to Study at YNU


Studying at Japanese national universities is markedly more economical compared to Western universities and Japanese private universities, which charge a high tuition. At Japanese national universities, all students pay, in principle, the same tuition regardless of their majors, nationalities and degree levels.






USD 22,200 - 30,100

AUD 14,000 - 35,000

GBP 10,000

* The above is an international comparison of annual tuition. The calculation is based on the international comparison of indicators of education systems by the MEXT and the campaign website titled “Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan.” Conversion into yen is based on the foreign exchange rate as of the end of March 2018.

First Year's Academic Fees

  • Enrollment Fee
  • Annual Tuition
  • Total

* For research students, Enrollment Fee is ¥84,600 and Tuition is ¥178,200 / half year.

Tuition Waiver Program for Privately Financed International Students

To promote the acceptance of academically excellent international students and provide financial support after their admission to YNU, a new tuition waiver program has been established for privately financed international students who enter YNU in or after April 2020. Privately financed international students who can acquire the “Study” visa when admitted to YNU and apply for entrance examinations designated by YNU for regular curricula offered by undergraduate colleges and graduate schools are eligible for the program.

Screening will be held solely based on results of entrance examinations, and as for undergraduate and master’s programs, the top 10% of students will be given a 100% exemption from tuition fees; the following 20% of students, a 50% exemption; and the other 20% of students, a 30% exemption. (As for doctoral programs, the top 50% of students will receive a 100% exemption from tuition fees; the remaining students, a 50% exemption.)

Those who wish to receive the waiver must submit the application form to the relevant college or graduate school when applying for admission. They will receive notification of the outcome along with the announcement of entrance examination results.

The tuition waiver period is for two consecutive semesters after admission to YNU. Following that, the University will review applicants’ qualifications, as well as percentages of exemption from tuition fees, for each semester based on their academic performance.


There is a wide range of scholarships available such as those of the Japanese government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT), YNU, foreign governments, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), and other private foundations.

Estimated Living Expenses (12 Months)

Dormitory Fee¥128,880-

Other Living Expenses¥840,000




Other Personal Expenses¥360,000

※ The calculation is based on the Survey on Lifestyle of Privately-financed International Students conducted by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) in academic year 2017. The above figures provide only a rough indication as living expenses vary depending on the lifestyle.

Career Paths

International Undergraduate Students

After graduating from YNU, a distinctively large number of international students find employment in Japan or advance to Japanese graduate schools. Their recruitment by major Japanese companies demonstrates the high opinion of YNU among Japanese companies. Likewise, admission to the most prestigious Japanese graduate schools reflects the high quality of education offered by the university.

65%International Undergraduates find a path in Japan

40%Get a Job 38%Get a Job in Japan

30%Graduate Schools 28%Graduate Schools in Japan

International Master's Students

50%Get a Job 40%Get a Job in Japan

12%Graduate Schools 11%Graduate Schools in Japan

International Doctoral Students

55%Get a Job 20%Get a Job in Japan

Major Employers of YNU International Students in Japan

Accenture Japan / AIG Japan Holdings / OMRON / Kajima / Canon / Kyocera / Cookpad / Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan / Shiseido / Shimizu / SHARP / SUBARU / Seiko Epson / Takashimaya / Tokyu Construction / TOSHIBA / Toyo Engineering / TOYOTA / Nikken Sekkei / Nissan / IBM Japan / Panasonic / HITACHI / FamilyMart / FANCL / Fujitsu / Bridgestone / BOSCH / Mazda / Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance / Mitsui Fudosan / Mizuho Financial Group / Mitsubishi Chemical / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / Mitsubishi Motors / Mitsubishi Electric / Yahoo Japan / Yamaha / The Bank of Yokohama / LINE / RICOH / LAWSON / YNU etc…

Major Graduate Schools of YNU International Students in Japan

YNU / Osaka University / Kyoto University / University of Tsukuba / Tokyo Gakugei University / Tokyo Institute of Technology / The University of Tokyo / Hitotsubashi University etc…

Admissions Information

Admissions Information

To learn more about the entrance examinations for the undergraduate and graduate programs (including research students), international student exchange (JOY Program), and summer program, please check the Admissions Information.